/ Salar Shahna / Hugh Hou / Igor Marlot / Shari Frilot / Marc Veyrat / Matthieu Quiniou / Emilie Joly / Keeley Turner
/ Salar Shahna / Hugh Hou / Igor Marlot / Shari Frilot / Marc Veyrat / Matthieu Quiniou / Emilie Joly / Keeley Turner

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Extended reality (XR) is booming in the global audiovisual landscape and will soon become an essential medium in artistic and audiovisual creation. But it requires ever-evolving technical, creative and project management know-how and skills which makes the development and transmission of this knowledge one of the major challenges of this industry.

Our training cycle, KITCH3N, aims to provide an XR training module in each of the major audiovisual disciplines: production, writing, visual capture, sound capture, 3D animation, and post-production.

Aimed for audiovisual professionals who wish to broaden their skills in the field of extended reality, KITCH3N provides the practical and theoretical bases that allows for developing these new skills independently and professionally in a space conducive to learning.

Salar Shahna

President of F3RUM

About our program

Learn by doing

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THE beginnings

and our partners

With the acceleration of AI / XR and their respective impacts on all professional sectors, F3RUM has re-aligned its training program named KITCH3N to address creative and leadership skills for understanding, demystifying and mastering new technologies.

F3RUM is an annual event that brings together professionals and enthusiasts of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality to share ideas, knowledge and experiences in these emerging fields. 


With its six fields of study and its network of 28 universities bringing together 22,000 students, the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences is a key player in the socio-economic and cultural development of the seven cantons of Western Switzerland.

The HES-SO is one of the most important tertiary education institutions in Switzerland in terms of student numbers. For several years now, it has been recognised as a major player in student mobility.

MEDIA Desk Switzerland is mandated by the Federal Office of Culture (FTO) for the management of MEDIA compensatory measures as part of its international strategy. In addition to the administration of supports, the office informs and advises Swiss film and audiovisual professionals. It is understood as a bridge between Switzerland and Europe and facilitates access for Swiss professionals to the European network.

Every trainings are validate by a certificate signed by instructors and the F3RUM president.

In additional to the paper format, the participants receive the certificat in form of NFT.

Alexia Weill – SPIRAL

We chose the NFT cetificat to ensure security in the validation and history of the training. It’s also a way for to let the blockchain take care of keeping a lifetime record of the intensive course.

The KITCH3N’s certification is a recognized validation of one’s training and expertise in this field, providing industry recognition and enhancing professional credibility.

SP3CE brings his expertise in the process of creation and hosting the NFT.