SEPT. 06 - 09 2023

Crans-Montana, Swiss alps

VR & XR Formation

3 days intensive courses

360° 3D 8k/12k captation
Create Immersive 360° 12k Films

Dive into the captivating world of cinematic virtual reality and learn to create immersive films in stunning 8K quality.

Collaborate with Recognized Experts

Benefit from the guidance and expertise of renowned professionals in the virtual reality industry, such as Hugh Hou and Keeley Turner.

Showcase Your Work to Millions of Viewers

Your virtual reality film will be showcased online and on Creator Up's YouTube channel, reaching an audience of over 25 million views, providing exceptional visibility for your work.

With the support of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) / MEDIA Desk Switzerland
Ambisonic audio captation
Master Ambisonic Audio for Immersive VR Experiences

Unlock the power of Ambisonic audio technology and learn how to capture spatially immersive sound for unforgettable virtual reality experiences.

Collaborate with Industry-Recognized Experts

Work closely with leading experts in the field of Ambisonic audio capture, gaining valuable insights and guidance from professionals who are at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology.

Enhance the Realism of Your VR Films with Immersive Sound

Discover how to synchronize Ambisonic audio with virtual reality visuals, adding a new dimension of realism and immersion to your VR projects.

With the support of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) / MEDIA Desk Switzerland
Become an Expert in Lidar Capture and 3D Scanning

Gain advanced skills to master Lidar capture and 3D scanning techniques, positioning yourself as a sought-after professional in architecture, film staging, and renovation fields.

Explore Iconic Locations and Capture Stunning 3D Scenes

Be among the first to scan the Chetzeron Hotel, an iconic venue overlooking the Crans-Montana resort, and create immersive 3D models from your captures for unique artistic and architectural projects.

Learn XR Capture Terms and Techniques

Familiarize yourself with XR (Extended Reality) capture terminology and discover best practices for capturing 3D scenes, expanding your skills and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

With the support of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) / MEDIA Desk Switzerland
From script to production
Collaborative writing course

Develops immersive narrative structure for XR, with a pitching opportunity to producers.

Collaborative production course

Covers theory, practical aspects, and technology selection for XR production.

Potential funding and evaluation

Industry professionals assess the developed XR script for financial support.

With the support of the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) / MEDIA Desk Switzerland
Whether you are a professional, a student, an artist or a business leader, you will find here the training that suits you.

KITCH3N 2023 proposes a 4-day course dedicated to virtual reality and new technologies held in Crans-Montana. We are proud to offer you a complete immersion in the world of VR and the latest technologies, providing you with the tools and experts necessary to achieve finished and qualitative productions.

Salar & Shari


a unique place to create a unique work

This training takes place in the ski resort of Crans-Montana, a unique location that offers participants an opportunity to develop their skills and work on an exciting project and will have the opportunity to collaborate and exchange around different places in this resort. The Chetzeron hotel, the Cry D’er club, the Fondation Opale, the Vision Art Festival buildings, and the accommodation and catering facilities.

our experts

from all around the world

Hugh Hou


Keeley Turner

XR FIlmaker

Igor Marlot

Son operator

Shari Frilot

Sundance Festival

Bjorn Cornelius

Son operator


01 What is KITCH3N? Chevron Down Chevron Up

At the heart of the Swiss Alps, KITCH3N brings together audio-visual recording professionals and world-class VR experts to establish strong partnerships and provide industry-leading training programs recognized by leading software and hardware companies.

02 Who should attend KITCH3N? Chevron Down Chevron Up

Whether you're an AR/VR enthusiast, a tech pioneer, an industry expert, an experimental artist, or a tech enthusiast, KITCH3N is the ideal place to connect with the forefront of innovation. Our inspiring keynotes, conferences, workshops, and collaborative spaces create a thriving environment for pitching sessions, education, and training, aiming to shape a collective future for XR and foster collaboration across the global industry.

03 When and where is KITCH3N held? Chevron Down Chevron Up

KITCH3N 2023 Edition will take place from September 5th to September 13th, 2023, in the heart of Crans Montana, Switzerland. Join us for our two intensive courses to learn more.

SEPT. 06 - 09 2023